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Common Rail Engines

Over the last few years Purbeck Marine Ltd based in Poole, Dorset have invested a lot of time and money into training and test equipment to be able to look after, install and repair all on the entire Yanmar Common Rail engine range. We work closely with E.P. Barrus to continually increase our knowledge and skills with their full support. We have full licence and certification to use our computer to plug into the Yanmar ECUs to fault find and support.

The equipment that we have collected enables us to rapidly repair and fault find without the need for customers to invest unnecessarily into components that may or may not cure an issue. It also enables our marine engineers to solve issues in a single trip within a much shorter amount of time saving you money. This enables us to carry out repairs nationwide as return trips from our base in Poole, Dorset to wherever your boat is moored can prove costly.

About Yanmar Common Rail Engines

Yanmar offers a complete line-up of common rail marine diesel engines to bring you 5x Best in Class features to any application. From 40 – 440 mhp, our common rail engines provide the best on-water experience from clean emissions to smooth and quiet operation to powerful, torque driven acceleration. With options like high output secondary alternators, SOLAS certification, complimentary drive systems, and multiple integrated electronic controls, our engines are purpose-engineered to be the ideal solution for any marine application.

Yanmar Common Rail Technology

As a leading diesel engine manufacturer, YANMAR integrates the most advanced common rail technology into our innovative marine engines.

Common rail technology is a digitally controlled, high-pressure fuel injection and sensor system that optimizes engine efficiency & performance. This results in reduced emissions, minimal noise, and peak power output, significantly improving the engine’s overall efficiency and comfort onboard.

Multiple sensors throughout the engine intelligently feed operating conditions and performance requirements to the ECU. The system monitors the throttle position, various temperatures, rail and pressure, intake air pressures, and both crank and cam positions. Based on the feedback from the sensors, the ECU regulates fuel from the supply pump into a single high-pressure fuel rail and digitally activated injectors. This controls precisely when and how much fuel to inject. A common rail system can supply between one and five injections to each cylinder over the course of a cycle, rather than one single injection in a mechanically controlled fuel system.

Originally developed to meet strict automotive emissions regulations, the common rail technologies used in YANMAR’s marine engines have been custom marinized by YANMAR, specific to each YANMAR model and meeting YANMAR’s strict engineering standards. This brings you the latest technology in marine diesel engineering and our collection of 5x Best in Class engines.





















NANNI Common Rail Engines

The T4 Evo2 series engines have been developed on the basis of the proven reliable Common Rail engine which is used on several Toyota four-wheel drive vehicles. The excellent power and torque in relation to the engines weight and compact size translate into clear advantages, for user and boat builder. Built with ratings specifically designed for marine applications, these engines deliver their torque at low rpm ratings ensuring the boat lifts from the water and onto the plane quickly.
The characteristics of this engine series provides a serious solution to various sectors. From those looking to re-power high speed petrol units or replace obsolete diesel engines. They will also interest new planing/semi-planing displacement boat builders/designers looking for maximum torque/power with the most efficient fuel consumption.
The T4 Evo2 engines are also intended to be SOLAS certified to power fast rescue and patrol boat, either with Shaft Line, Stern Drive or Water Jet propulsion system. Thanks to both the remarkable features and reliability of the Toyota engine base and Nanni’s expertise regarding marine applications, these engines are made to fulfil the needs of reliability, low maintenance costs and ease of use, while observing the strict requirements of the SOLAS certification related to marine engines.
The SOLAS engines are based on standard engine equipped with special devices to be able to meet the SOLAS requirements such as the capability to endure vessel capsizing without any mechanical damage and allow immediate starting in low temperature.

Common Rail Issues we can fix and repair include:

Yanmar Common Rail wiring issues

Yanmar Common Rail starting problems

Yanmar Common Rail electrical faults

Yanmar Common Rail control panel issues

Yanmar Common Rail ECR problems

Yanmar Common Rail smart assist

Yanmar Common Rail plug-in computer

Yanmar Common Rail voltage issues

Yanmar Common Rail gauge problems

Yanmar Common Rail display issues

Yanmar Common Rail charging problems

Yanmar Common Rail fuel issues

Yanmar Common Rail fault codes

Yanmar Common Rail loom issues

Yanmar Common Rail power issues

Yanmar Common Rail control head problems