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Cobb's Quay Marina, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4EL

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Engine, Generator and Gearbox Rebuilding / Reconditioning

Purbeck Marine has many years marine engineering experience rebuilding engines and gearboxes from 6hp to 1200hp, from pleasure, military, commercial and race craft.

We tailor rebuilds to suit all budgets, specifications, requirements and applications.
We have a separate unit in poole, dorset for rebuilding engines, generators and gearboxes, this is to keep the workspace clean, tidy and to give us the ability to walk away from the work whilst waiting for parts or machine work to be carried out without having other jobs interfering with the workbench/work space. Our workshop quayside in poole, dorset has 3 large work racks with over 100 plastic boxes surrounding our heavy duty adjustable engine rollover stand to give us the ability to strip down at least 3 large marine engines or gearboxes at any time and keep all parts organised and separate. Purbeck Marine also have a large chemical wash tank for cleaning parts.
Our marine engineers have access to the many tools we have invested in to enable us to carry out as many marine engineering jobs in house as possible.

Purbeck Marine can:

Overhaul cylinder heads including cutting of valve seats.

Glaze bust/re-hone cylinder bores.

Carry out non-destructive crack testing (red dye and developer test) of any parts.

Insert pistons with specialist tools.

Replace cylinder liners.

Have cylinder heads skimmed at discounted rates.

Measure wear in engine with specialist calibrated internal and external micrometers.

Clean up engine block and ancillary’s (wire wheel and rust removing processes)

Strip, repair, setup and rebuild most marine gearboxes (ask us for details).

Removal, refitting and setting up of fuel injection pump and fuel injectors.

Setup valve clearances.

Remove/refit turbochargers.

Clean, refurbish, repair and refit heat exchangers, intercooler/air coolers oil coolers and manifolds.

Clean, mask, prime and spray engines and gearboxes with our air compressor and spray gun giving a high quality thick protective coat.

We only use in date tested torque wrenches to assemble engine internals and build to manufactures specified torques and processes.

Due to regular use, the contractor we use for dyno testing engines offer us hugely discounted rates for their test facilities. (This discount is passed on to our customers).