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Purbeck Marine has purchased and manufactured over the years a large collection of tools, equipment and computer technology to carry out the most specialist of marine engineering jobs . This includes pullers (including hydraulic pullers) for propellers, couplings, injectors and fittings, computer systems to plug in and repair/setup some of the latest in common rail engines. Tap and die sets metric, imperial, whit worth and bsp including some of the most unusual and rare threads used.  All our marine engineers have comprehensive personal tool sets, which are carried from our base in poole, dorset anywhere around the UK. Hydraulic press for pressing out the most seized of bearings and shafts. Cutlass bearing pullers to cut down on labour costs and speed up completion times. Most of our power tools including lights, drills drill drivers and angle grinders are battery powered to increase accessibility and increase ability to work on boats in the most rural of places, although we also have a reliable generator to give us 240v of power wherever required.

Comprehensive service kits to give us the ability to carry out works on a massive variety of engines. High quality oil and fuel pumps and large drums to replace oils, empty bilges and even drain/store fuel from tanks when works being carried out. We have a battery vacuum cleaner for cleaning up messes from small drillings and large vacuums that can even suck up fluids from bilges and areas inaccessible in other means to dispose of environmentally friendly rather than pumping overboard. We have saws and a pillar drill to enable us to carry out precision fabrications. Compression testers and digital cameras/ bore scopes to test and inspect the engine internals and coolant pressure testers to check systems for leaks. We have lifting facilities that are mobile along with certificated lifting strops etc. For all your marine engineering needs, Purbeck Marine has the tools!