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Over the years, Purbeck Marine poole, dorset have fitted many different engines to a huge variety of boats. This often involves fitting completely different engines to the original with engine beds at different heights and widths and with hoses that are the wrong sizes. This had given our marine engineers skills to carry out the most complex of engine changes on a wide variety of craft.
As part of our service at Purbeck Marine, we charge a reduced labour rate to fit the engines that we supply to keep package deals as low as possible.

Our Skills Include:

  • Modifying engine beds to mount and align engine to existing shaft alignment.

  • Having shaft extensions manufactured when required so that costly new shafts are not required.

  • Replacement or service of throttle and gearshift controls when necessary.

  • Replacement or rerouting of engine battery cables and switches, including hydraulic crimping of new terminal ends.

  • Installation of new instrument panels and wiring harnesses, sometimes having to modify boat or create backing plates to seal holes and gaps from existing units to keep cosmetically sound.

  • Painting out engine bay/bilges.

  • Fitting of new skin fittings and seacocks.

  • Replacing or redesigning fuel system.

  • Fitting new seawater strainer.

  • Replacement of sound proofing.

  • Replacement, rerouting and fixing of hoses.

  • Applying non-wearing anti rubbing sheaving or wrapping to hoses and cables to tidy up and protect them from rubbing and chaffing.

  • Replacement or servicing of existing propeller shaft sealing systems.

  • Fitting of anti-vibration shaft coupling systems.

  • Supply and fitting of new or modification of existing propellers (click here to see propellers page of website).

  • Supply and Installation or servicing of shaft/propeller rope cutter units.

  • Supply and installation of additional senders and gauges or other engine monitoring systems.

  • Fabricate and supply bracketry required.

  • Fitting or adapting any additional ancillaries, for example, additional alternators, water pumps or hydraulic pumps.

  • Organising the manufacture of new high rise or differently angled exhaust mixing elbows and exhaust systems when required and wrapping neatly with a heat proof lagging.

  • Replacing or modifying exhaust systems, including fitting of new waterlock/muffler boxes new Lloyds approved reinforced hosing and skin fitting/exhaust outlets.

  • Install correctly when necessary new anti-syphon valves to prevent unwanted water ingress into engines.