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The marine engineers at Purbeck Marine see a service to be more than an oil change. In most people’s eyes changing the oil, filters and impeller is enough, but this is not the case, in our expert opinion. To ensure we give our customers the very best marine engineering possible, we like to ensure that our service includes the following for happy safe boating all year round!
On any Boat or craft there is always more going on than meets the eye. Chaffing or loose hoses could cause leaks, which could cause damage to other parts of the engine including electrics and vulnerable metals, (bolt threads and manifolds etc.), or even sink the boat. Leaks from other parts like water pumps could cause similar damage or even damage to internals of the engine. Our marine engineers, poole, dorset will check all of this as part of our regular servicing.
Purbeck Marine also check electrical connections to prevent non-starting of the engine in emergencies or non-charging, so that loss of power to run important electrics on the boat or even lights for safety is never an issue.
We inspect the both the condition of the fuel filters and fuel in the fuel filters, so that we can advise action on the boats fuel tank prior to major water/fuel bug infestation in the tank. If unchecked this can cause engine failures and huge expense. We also check for loose bolts so that part of the engine or shaft don’t fall off.
We train our marine engineers to remove alternator/water pump belts to inspect condition rather than just tightening up to get a clear indication of when they require replacement. Any failure in these parts can cause serious engine damage.
Our engineers will check gearbox oil levels and condition and replace when necessary to increase life of gearbox and prevent failures.
We test strength and condition of engine coolant and replace periodically to prevent corrosion or even freezing causing cracking of engine internals.
When advised or when we think necessary on particular models we remove the exhaust mixing elbow and carry out a non-destructive penetrant dye crack test to make sure that it hasn’t failed. This expert marine engineering can help to prevent internal damage commonly found on marine engines.
Purbeck Marine have extensive knowledge on most types of marine vessels and craft and will also carry out many other checks depending on the model. This experience gained over many years in the business can prevent problems before they arise.
When starting the engine we make sure it starts within an acceptable time and sounds to be running correctly and advise investigation if it doesn’t.