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Winterising / Inhibiting

Winterising/inhibiting is an important factor in a boats annual marine engineering maintenance schedule, especially if out of the water and not being used for many months. The most important part is flushing the saltwater out of the cooling system and filling it with an antifreeze mixture. This prevents any corrosion from the seawater over this period, and stops the water in the system freezing up and cracking the engines internals. As part of our Winterising/Inhibiting service Purbeck Marine, poole, dorset also carry out other marine engineering maintenance tasks including, removing/slackening the tension from the belts, checking the engines coolant condition and strength, checking the engine over for problems and leaks so that any problems can be addressed prior to recommissioning in the spring when many marine engineers are usually busy and you want to be boating! The engine is then inhibited internally and externally with an anticorrosion fluid and the air intake is sealed.

This process is recommended to be added to a post season service where most of the tasks are already covered, this will keep the costs down and the boat will only need a recommission and run up in the spring to get it ready for the water.
Different levels of Winterizing/Inhibiting are available and we recommend that you speak to one of our marine engineers in poole, dorset for further information so that we can tailor it for your specific requirements.