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About Us


We are the Lofrans Windlass area main dealers, we have many years of experience of Lofrans windlasses, old rope capstan types to the latest state of the art multipurpose types, were on the frontline of all local installations and support and have installed units on small speedboats up to large commercial vessels and are regularly sent countrywide for servicing, installations and repairs

Lofrans parts and sales

At Lofrans, we believe that durability and performance start with an extremely stringent selection of components: only AISI 316 L stainless steel, marine grade metals and electric motors designed to deliver high torque in all conditions.

We stock a large selection of Lofrans parts and can obtain almost any other part next day, in emergencies we can even ship direct from distributer.

we offer technical assistance with our parts sales and offer a friendly and reliable service, we can even dispatch globally.






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Why install a windlass?

The two main reasons are: Safety and Utility. The anchor windlass on your boat allows you to handle different anchoring situations, even the most critical, always completed safely.

Every anchoring operation will be extremely simple, fast and firmly under your control.

No more fear of failing to recover your anchor and every anchoring will be a pleasure.

No more heavy and complicated operations!

Installing an anchor windlass means making an investment on the safety of your crew and your boat!

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