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About Us


We are the Mase area main dealer, we have many years of experience of Mase generators from 6kw to 100kw, old mechanical types to the latest state of the art computer controlled units, we're heavily involved in boat shows and have many customers worldwide, we have access to the specialist test equipment and tools and are regularly sent countrywide for servicing and repairs



Service & Parts

We strongly believe in preventative maintenance and have a comprehensive service schedule used for every service that our engineers carry out, as well as this they also inspect your engine and driveline to look for possible future failures to prevent breakdowns before they happen saving downtime and costs.

Our store is stocked with commonly used Mase parts and most others can usually be ordered for delivery to you next day.

We can also dispatch parts globally.

Please enquire on our 'contact us' page for more information & pricing

Benefits of Repowering

Installing a new, technologically advanced Mase Generator will instantly breathe new life into your boat.

With the right system, you will benefit from:

  • Improved power supply

  • Lower running costs and increased uptime

  • Enhanced fuel efficiency and lower environmental impact

  • An overall smoother, quieter, and more pleasurable boating experience




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