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About Us


We are the Max Power bow thruster area main dealers, we have many years of experience of Max Power bow and stern thrusters from 3hp to 26hp, old analogue types to the latest state of the art computer controlled units, we have repaired and installed units on small speedboats up to large commercial passenger ferries and are regularly sent nationwide for servicing and repairs

Sales of Max Power

Max Power offers a full vessel maneuverability range, from simple tunnel thrusters to top-of-the-range retractable thrusters, ensuring complete freedom of choice. Backed up by an extensive range of accessories, power options and customized solutions, Max Power has become a leader in its market with a dedicated group of followers.

We stock a large selection of Max Power parts and can obtain almost any other part next day, in emergencies we can even ship direct from distributer.

we offer technical assistance with our parts sales and offer a friendly and reliable service, we can even dispatch globally.



Tunnel Thrusters

Widely used as a standard thruster on many motor boats, tunnel bow thrusters are easy to fit and highly cost effective. Max Power's full range of tunnel thrusters offer an ideal solution for motor boats.

Retractable Thrusters

Retractable bow thrusters are easily installed far forward in the bow whilst still achieving the required immersion depths, even in current modern sailing yachts. The retractable thruster has no affect on the yacht’s drag.


Thruster Accessories

All control panels are specially designed for use with Max Power’s complete range of tunnel and retractable bow thrusters. Each panel is complete with both male and female connectors using a reusable connection system


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It is important to install the correct thruster for your craft, we usually recommend that you fit the larger thruster in your crafts range as long as your hull is suitable to ensure maximum performance and efficiency, however all specified sizes will perform correctly


Benefits of choosing Max Power

Max Power offers a complete range of 12V/24V electric tunnel thrusters to suit motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts from 17’ to 85’ feet. Designed for performance & durability, Max Power electric tunnel thrusters offer many unique features:

  • Patented composite drive legs

  • Zero maintenance

  • Case hardened spiro-conical gears

  • Line shields

  • Purpose built DC motors

  • Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features

  • Safe, high power connections

  • Purpose built high specification DC contactors

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